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EPhimOnline was launched on April, 2007. The site lives to share many movies, videos and pictures with our visitors. You can watch thousands of adult movies about asian girls, japanese porn stars here. We also share many hot pictures and videos about sexy girls, porn stars, sex idols...All are free!

We hope this is a good entertainment place for Vietnamese all over the world. Because the website's language is based on English, you're welcome too if you're not Vietnamese. In fact, the percentage of traffic to EPhimOnline from other countries is too high. This means that our website makes a good impression to visitors. And we are so happy that you love the site.

EPhimOnline is operated by a Vietnamese group living in Los Angeles, California, The United States. Our group has 5 members, 3 men and 2 women, with the group leader Stephan Nguyen.

Because of restricting spam and other reasons, we do not allow leaving comments on our site. If you has any request or site comment or concern please send an email to butterflyxx@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting us!